55 Cute AF Crop Tops That Are Keeping You Awake At Night

Take a step out of your wardrobe comfort zone. Mellow Picks has picked of the cutest tops trending in the cyber space this season.
When it comes to cute outfits, crop tops are the ones that just won’t give up and let’s be honest we don’t want them to quit. One way or the other they’re always going to be on our top shopping list! What can be a better way to get the best of summers when you’re not at the beach in your fave bikini set? I can be in a rigid outfit with less than comfortable shoes but not everyday especially when the scorching heat waves come around. This is the time when I just want to be easy and cool in my effortlessly comfortable look without compromising my style. 

Unlike tube tops, crop tops come in many creative cuts and designs: Tank tops, t-shirts, sweats and oriental tops complemented with season’s trends: Tie dye, floral prints, animal prints, renaissance prints, stripes, pastels and basic knits added with few of this year's fave quirky trends like butterfly prints and dragon prints. Leaves us some serious decisions to make. 

May it be day out with the gals or making spontaneous plans. Styling crop tops has always been easy and less confusing. Simple, comfortable and straightforward. Wearing them with anything is instantly a good outfit, especially in your go-to high-waisted pair of jeans (we all have one!).

Now 2020 is all about experimenting with different colors, prints and fabrics. Which unarguably has led to some of the most cutest and jaw dropping pieces that we can find this year. From fiercely curated animal prints to “not so basic” basic outfits! We just can’t help ourselves. 

The most trending iterations this season with respect to tops are made of lace trims and cute quirky prints. Monochrome animal prints are also this season's unicorns and we couldn’t help but notice that they’ve been fluttering out of stock within a few days after being launched.   

You can wear a crop top in any way you like but the most common fits we’ve been seeing this season are crop tops with wide leg jeans, shorts, skirts, high-waisted pants and sweatpants.

Consider it a perfect summer trend! With that being said, To make the choice easier for you Mellow Picks have picked their thirty-eight favorite crop top trends to shop that are still in stock and giving upto 15% off so that you can seriously stock them up!  

Dreamy Lace Detailing 

You might have noticed that some of the tops listed above are detailed in lace. These dainty lace crop tops are an absolute summer staple and will make your crop game a whole lot cuter. That dreamy touch to your cute looks doesn’t get any better than that. 


Bella Pink Lace Trim Top ($22.95) - In Purple, Orange & Brown


Belle Cinched White Lace Tank Top ($22.95)


Luna Vintage Lace Top ($24.95)


Mia Zebra Lace Tank Top ($24.95)


Luna Lace Top - Black (22.95)


Gen Lace Trim Black Top ($26.95)


Clara Butterfly Pendant Crop Top ($28.95)


Gabriella Lilac Lace Trim Crop Top ($24.95) - In Pink, Blue & Grey 


Zoey Daisy Embro Tank Top ($24.95)


Luna Lilac Lace Top ($22.95)


Mia Tigress Lace Tank Top ($24.95)

Vintage and Floral 

There’s not even a single season that has gone by without the 70’s influencing our wardrobes. From tie dye to flare jeans and now thanks to the vintage floral prints. From puff sleeve crop tops to lace tops all soaked in cute floral prints. The flowers are either miniature or oversize and often comes in cute bright colors mostly detailed in lace trimmings.


Rosella Vintage Floral Tank Top ($22.95)


Blanche Diamante Backless Top ($24.95)


Willow Floral Lace Top ($24.95)


Rosella Tie Up Floral Cardigan & Tank Top Set ($32.95)


Rosella Plaid Lace Trim Tank Top ($21.95)


Valarie Maroon Ruffled Crop Top ($26.95)


Rosella Ruched Lace Top ($26.95)


Renata Butterfly Lace Up Crop Top ($26.95)


Rosella Blue Floral Tank Top ($22.95)


Blanche Ruched Bust Crop Top ($26.95)


Kelly Floral Lace Trim Top ($22.95)


Yellow Daisy Embro Crop Top ($28.95)


Kelly Floral Lace Trim Top ($22.95)

Monochrome Animal Prints 

Going back to the barnyard! Meet the new trending generation of the animal prints, cow and zebra prints! Since these monochrome animal prints are not as prevalent as the classics and not everyone feels comfortable about them, still there is something really fresh and edgy about wearing a pop of cow print via cute crop top or something safe yet fearless, styling your zebra print crop tops with some cute accessories could be a clever choice.


Zebra U Ring Halter Top ($20.95)


Cow Print Pink Lace Tank Top ($22.95)


Willow Zebra Print Tank Top ($22.95)


Cow Print Lace Detailed Tank Top ($24.95)


Mono Zebra Lace Tank Top ($22.95)


Audrey Cow Print Crop Top ($28.95)


Monochrome Cow Print Crop Top ($26.95)

Tie Dye 

Tie dye washes have been one of the biggest trends on our list that has emerged in the past few years like a storm. The trend has been translated into dresses, co-ords, sweatpants but mostly tops and t-shirts that are at the forefront. The internet took over this trend and has mixed and matched it with their favorite pieces in any way that defines their style. 


me Tie Dye Lace Up CroLip Top ($19.95)


Nina Tie Dye Tie Up Knit Top ($28.95)


Molly Tie Dye Top ($28.95)


Natalia Tie Dye Tank Top ($22.95)


Nina Lace Tie Dye Tank Top ($24.95)


Cora Tie Dye Tie Up Top ($26.95)


Pastel Tie Dye Waist Tie Top ($26.95)


Nina Pink Tie Dye Tank ($22.95)

Oriental Mix 

Never thought about wearing an oriental crop top? These fresh picks will convince you otherwise! Oriental tops or Chinese style tops have been in the fashion scene for quite some time now but they’ve paved their way into street wear a few years ago and it looks like we don’t want it to stop. Mandarin collar crop tops and jacquard oriental prints had become some of the cutest off duty essentials translating authentic Chinese styles and prints into contemporary pieces designed to wear trans seasonally. I’ve listed some of my favorites below.


Gaia Mandarin Crop Top ($26.95)


Oriental Love Crop Top ($22.95)


Oriental Halter Neck Crop Top ($18.95)

Tanned By Leopard Prints

No matter how much you think that leopard prints has run its course you can’t deny the fact that classics are classics and it’s almost impossible to top versatility of an all season print such as the leopard print therefore Mellow Picks has picked its best ritzy cheetah print crop tops to convince you that there’s still more room for this prints in your wardrobe.


Bonnie Leo Tank Top ($22.95)


Tan Leopard Print Lace Trim Tank Top ($24.95)


Bonnie Leo Tank Top ($22.95)


Blue Leopard Print Lace Trim Tank Top ($24.95)


Willow Leopard Print Tank Top ($22.95)

Quirky and Y2k Love

These not so ordinary prints are no longer for a small niche anymore. Butterfly prints, dragon prints, cherry prints and other distinct patterns are literally exploding over the trends right now which is why Mellow Picks have listed some of their favorites crop tops that can add a quirky stylish touch to your festival outfits or your effortless Y2k streetwear looks! 


Pink Plaid Crop Top ($19.95)


Vixen Pink Diamante T Shirt ($24.95)


Willow Ruched Bust Ruffled Top ($26.95)


Pink Cherry Print Lace Trim Crop Top ($24.95)


Pink Strawberry Tank Top ($19.95)


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