The Revival Of Tie Dye Trend & How You Should Wear It In 2020

This seasons most prominent trend might feel nostalgic, but here's how MELLOW PICKS can make it entirely fashion forward! 

Up until now, floral prints were our summers favorite standout trends. May it be dresses, skirts or tops, we all have them in our closet waiting for that bright warm sun to shine so that you can flaunt yourself in those jaw dropping prints. Florals are almost featured in every spring/summer collections and no I’m not saying they’re antiquated but sometimes your wardrobe craves something different, something that’s unconventional and edgy at the same time. 

2020 is the year of surprises for the fashion industry and it seems like designers have begun to introduce trends that are a lot more nostalgic. Tie dye holds a very significant place in the “Throwback Trend”. With its 60’s hippy origins, 2020 is able to break all the stereotypes and present the tie dye prints in a very modern and sophisticated way with elevated cuts and unexpected shapes. The tie dye trends of this year is all elevated and fashion forward. 

The right way to wear tie dye for elegance, adding just the right amount of colors in the form of mesh layered under chic, roomy formal pieces. The mesh top is curated with the intention to dominate any outfit's potential to standout and make an impression to remember. Try styling it with some denim jeans and ankle boots to see if we're still talking! 

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Off Duty Looks are essential for any women's wardrobe and how can the tie dye trend be left behind (SPECIALLY IN 2019). If you've scrolled through the Instagram in the past few months chances are that you've happened to come across the influencers all time favorite One Shoulder Crop Top.

They're certainly worthy of all the hype and for sure make an impact. Styled with Mellow Picks Gabe Black Chained Trousers to embrace a very street oriented look with a touch of tie dye.

(One Shoulder Crop Top & Gabe Chained Black TrousersMELLOW PICKS)

If you're a hardcore festival queen, these co-ords from Mellow Picks will help you earn some serious style points. Music had a very different relation with the tie dye trend back in the days but not anymore. The new tie dye clothing is all about modernism and edgy psychedelia. You'll be Dazed and Confused for sure (Pun Intended) 

(All Co-ords are form MELLOW PICKS)

The trend has been translated into Bodycon Dresses, Maxi Dresses, Crop Tops, Co-ords and Bodysuit. Influencers has taken over the trend and incorporated it into their street-style outfits. Layering colorful crop tops under suits or matching up the pattern with tie dye tank top and high waist shorts.

Celebrities and supermodels like Beyonce, Tylor Swift, Kylie Jenner, Gigi Hadid and Hailey Baldwin embracing its come back might be a sign that tie dye fashion has dethroned all other summer favorites at least for this year.

As for now, we all know the warm sun is upon us all, here are Mellow’s favorite Picks in tie dye trend that you can shop instantly and flaunt yourself without thinking that you’re trying to revive the hippies trend. 

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